Coverless Twist Cup 300ml

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COVERLESS SEAL DESIGN: The silicone film of the cup is fixed on the ring to rotate, connect the cup and tighten the seal when the ring rotates. Comfortable grip, ergonomic bottle design for a comfortable grip
NO LID AND KNOB DESIGN: The gap in the middle can be inserted into the straw, you can insert the straw drinking water without opening the lid, and you can drink it easily without opening the lid
NO CUP LID AND LEAK PROOF DESIGN: the silicone film on the cup is fixed on the rotatable ring, connected to the cup body, and tightly sealed with the rotation of the ring, Can avoid overflowing waterINSULATION AND COLD PRESERVATION: 2 hours of strong insulation and refrigeration, special liner, heat insulation, anti-scalding

Material: silicon rubber+PP
Weight: 116g
Height: 16.3cm
Cup mouth diameter´╝Ü6.7cm
Capacity: 300ml
Color: yellow,gray

1*coverless twist cup

Coverless Twist Cup

Coverless Twist Cup

Coverless Twist Cup

Coverless Twist Cup

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Deer Grey, Deer Yellow, Panda Grey, Panda Yellow, Santa Claus Grey, Santa Claus Yellow